Beginners African Dance Class ▶ Azonto/ Afrobeats

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What kind of African dance do you do in your classes here?
This is a street dance with pop music from Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa. Below is a Youtube dance video I made with my students.
I have no sense of rhythm and have never danced at all, can I still participate?
It's no problem at all. Beginners are welcome all the time. The goal is to let yourself open up and have fun. If you can't dance, it's no problem at all.
Can I participate online?
Participation via Zoom is also available; you can check out the Zoom video on Youtube. If you are interested, please check the Youtube video.


Very beginner's class

Sunday 10:30~12:00📍Itabashi Studio
Monday 19:30~21:00 📍水道橋マースタ 

Please check our calendar 

For absolute beginners, we offer a thoroughly foundational class. We focus relentlessly on repetition to solidify the essential basics needed for Afro dance. Even experienced dancers who feel their moves never quite hit the mark often lack a solid foundation. We minimize choreography and instead emphasize mastering the fundamentals. If you're eager to build a strong foundation, this is the class for you. 


Copy Challenge Class

Wednesday 19:30-21:00
Every Thursday 10:30-12:00

📍Itabashi Studio

Please check our calendar as we are sometimes closed.

In this lesson, FATIMATA deciphers the choreography from influencer dance videos on instagram and other social media, breaks it down into basic steps, and teaches you how to dance the choreography. This is a very popular class where students learn by checking the original videos over and over again, so they can learn the fundamentals of Afro while imagining the nuances of the real world without having to go abroad.


AfroDance Basic Class 

Every Saturday 11:00-12:30

📍Sutudio AZ

Please check our calendar as we are sometimes closed.

The students will practice the isolations (basic exercises in which the body is moved in parts, such as the feet, legs, and feet) necessary for dancing and 30 basic steps are practiced with a timer. After that, we will dance choreography that applies the steps. This class is popular among those who want to learn many Afro-dance basics and steps.


Lesson Fee

For both adults and children (If you are taking a class with your child, you can take the class for the price of one child if the child is in elementary school.)

1 lesson 3,800 yen


Ticket Price

3 tickets 10,500 yen
(3,500 yen per lesson) / trial valid for 6 months (can be shared with a friend)

5 tickets 16,000 yen
(1 lesson 3,200 yen)/30 days

10 tickets 28,000 yen
(1 lesson 2,800 yen)/60 days

*Expired tickets can be taken for an additional 500 yen per lesson.

Tickets will be managed electronically. We will send you an individually assigned link and ask that you save it for your own use.Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.


Reservation Form

There must be at least 3 participants in total for Zoom and the studio. If the number of participants is less than that, the lesson may be cancelled. We will let you know if this is the case, so please be sure to make a reservation in advance.

Click here to make a reservation for the second and subsequent times.


What to prepare

Towels, extra clothes, and another pair of shoes to use inside the studio because the studio should be strictly clean in Japan. But barefoot is fine.



※Please be sure to make an appointment as we may be closed on short notice.


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